Why Elite Care
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Immediate access to care

Addiction is devastating to individuals, families, and entire communities, and the economic cost to the healthcare industry due to addiction­ related illness, accidents, and violence is staggering. At Elite Care Treatment, many resources are available to provide patients with rapid access to the proper treatment. Treatment begins with assessment, stabilization, and detoxification (when necessary).


Personalized Treatment Programs

Elite Care Treatment utilizes a transdisciplinary, multimodal approach to treating the addict in the manner most appropriate to the client's true needs. Elite Care has created a thorough assessment process to identify and evaluate, from multiple diagnostic perspectives, the underlying factors of a client’s psychological conditions. It then assess the roles their substance use plays in the problems they are experiencing. The assessment process generally takes four days, but may take longer if detox is required. Elite Care at its core is a sophisticated system of treatment and personal development. It integrates proven, evidence based therapy with the latest advances in science and mental health for those in recovery. Elite Care also facilitates physical wellness and spiritual growth in engaging the mind and body, the heart and spirit, to produce extraordinary results at all levels of being.


Licensed Healthcare Professionals

Elite Care's highly experienced Integral Treatment Team is led by our Clinical Director, Dr. Ehsan Gharadjedaghi, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and Professor of Psychology at several nationally renowned Graduate Institutes; and our Medical Director, Dr. Raphael Penunuri, a board certified Physician in Addiction Medicine.

Elite Care utilizes a highly educated and experienced team of Licensed Clinical Psychotherapists, as well as experts at the Masters or Doctorate Level in Health, Wellness and Nutritional Therapy, Legal and Financial Counseling, Meditation and Stress Reduction, and Spirituality.


Continuing Care and Aftercare Program

Many find that one of the great joys of a life in recovery is a sense of community, of connectedness to a larger social system which will continue to support and deepen the experience of life free from addiction. The opportunity to give back, to share one's story and successes with someone who is just beginning their journey is invaluable. Elite Care utilizes the latest and most effective technological capabilities to provide and maintain a continuing connection and support for clients across the nation and around the world. Clients remain an active member of the Elite Care Global Community through the use of Live Media Streaming Hub, and world ­class teleconferencing capacity.